Coping with Stress

How do you cope with stress?

Let me rephrase: do you cope with it, or you let Stress overwhelm you?

If you are stressed at work, would you talk to that colleague you just had an argument with, or to HR…  or would  simply let the stress grow bigegr and bigger, like and inflated ballon,  until you explode?

I did. I did let it grow, and I exploded.
I did let it grow, and I ended up in burn out.
If only I knew that the only thing I needed was to vent it out! To talk about it!

It all happened a few years ago. I was underpaid for a very stressful job in a fast paced environment. I had the responisbility of the entire office, and the paycheck was that of a standard secretary. I talked, I vented, I talked about what was happening to me but I did not make any step in the right directon.
I talk to friends, who supported me and whom I trusted, but I did not speak to my boss.
I had so little self confidence that I would accept any money, undervaluing my skills, expertise and time.
I would say I was very grateful for the job,  but I was only lacking self esteem and confidence, hence I allowed them to undervalue me as much I was undervaluing myself.
I did not speak to them, instead I started playing victim.
That led me nowhere but to be sick in health, and I quit as soon as I could.

Please, talk and vent it out.

It is important to talk to yourself, write it down in your diary/notepad/phone/computer.
Talk to yourself in front of a mirror.

It is also vital that you talk to someone you trust about it.

You do not have to say what’s happening, what is happening is irrelevant.
What is important is How you Feel  and how you are reacting to a certain event, and why you end up stressed.

Express your emotions, release them… and let them go.

And now, my little secrets…This is what I now do when I am stressed!

-Write a Gratitude Journal at the end of your day, and say three things I am grateful for that specific day
-Go for a walk, if possible at the river, at the beach or in a wood
-Practice some Kick Boxing
-Vent it out
-Cry in front of the mirror
-Express my feelings through Art, Music.
and Let it go..


I am happy to guide you, if you wish me to.
I am no one to judge, I am someone to share you journey with.