Let’s talk about.. Fear of Change

Whilst at the beginning of a weight loss journey, a career-change path, or simply on a random day when we have to face something knew,  fear comes in handy.

Yes, handy!
Your gremlin comes in handy too, since it tries to protect you/prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone..  and feel discomfort.

Getting out of your comfort zone it is no easy,  it can be very exciting and challenging  but
you can’t really expect yourself to jump from FEAR to JOY can you ?

What is FEAR ?
According to Dr Robert Arloski, FEAR  is  the need for safety and it is not rational.
FEAR simply stand for  False Evidence Appearing Real.

So let’s think about  your weight loss journey: you go to see a nutritionist, you are given a structured diet and you are expected to follow it by heart.
It sounds easy in theory, cool on paper..but what happenes next?
You are all excited!  Then you go home and start freaking out: Oh My, what If I do not find broccoli? What if I do not fancy this or that? What If I do not lose wieght?What if I fail? What if I lose then I cheat and gain it back? 
Maybe you start all well motivated, with a gigantic ace card(willpower)in your pockets. You lose the first pounds/kilos, then you plateau- which is, by the way, normal as it’s you body showing you that hey, the diet is working, I just need to get used to this new shape! Bare with me and I will lose more!

All the above questions, I asked them myself.
I was so scared  about anything that fear became  my life companion, my best friend: fear of failing, fear of not losing weight, fear of getting sick etc.  While I was fearing the very air I was breathing (What if it’s too polluted?),  I was the one holding myself back. That was whenI understood that willpower is not enough. I needed a coach, I found one, I got over Fear.
I also understood that Fear was just there to protect me, to let me know that my comfort zone was there to rock my soul and confort me… the reality was: I had had enough and I wanted more!

I started pushing slowly, step by step, myself out of the zone.
I tried different food (healthier). I climbed a hill. I ran down the hill (literally). I hired a personal Trainer. I started Boxing.
I cut my hair, I got rid of old clothes, I also decided I wanted to change career.

Weight loss happened: of course I followed (and still follow) a diet, but only whenI found the right diet for me (I changed doctor); I exercised too, 4 to 5 days a week. I also started living a more active lifestyle. I turned my Unhealthy Distractions  into Healthy ones.

I decided to be centered, to care about my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
And I want to help you doing the same.