I got lost!

I plateaud, I regained a bit of weight, I went back on track.
Did I stop following my Doctor’s diet?  No.
Did I stop exercising? No, I just exercised less.

Exercise, to me, is the key. No matter how well I eat, if I do not exercise, I do not lose weight, I actually bounce it back.
Do not get me wrong, it’s only 2 kg (4 pound) and I am on may way down again.

I realised that, as much as I try, if I keep on TRYING and not DOING, nothing changes.

I have been on StayCation in Glendalough, we walked for 11 km all the way to the Miner’s Village and back. It was beautiful. I felt alive and emotionally overwhelmed.
I also felt terribly tired, like my body was going through exhaustion.

These past months have been very challenging :  staying home from work, focusing on myself, realising that my job does not define me and it’s not who I am,  studying, cooking healthy emals, exercising daily.
I am now back to  “Life before the Covid” (but still wearing masks and cleaning my hands every 10 minutes). I go to work, I work eight hours a day.
I started feeling unhappy again, and feeling tired.
I abandoned the blog, I kept on eating well and I exercised less- almost nothing.
I also started feeling external pressure, as if people were  judging me for what I was eating, how much was exercising, and that what I was doing was never enough, that I was not enough.


I am enough! What I do is MORE than Enough!
I am Human and I am allowed to take a pit stop,recharge my batteries and go back on track.

Do not allow other people’s opinion  to destroy your confidence and feelings.

You are worthy and YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

ps: I postponed the 120DayBlast end to 31st August.
Now I have a Zumba Class 🙂 Talk Soon!