Outcome, the exercise

-Have you done this before? ( set up/achieve goal: does not have to be related to the same outcome)

I did. In Semptember 2007 I had 11 exams(modules) left before graduating, and I wanted to graduate in JUNE 2008.
It did happen, I passed all modules with Merit & Distinction AND I graduated in June 2008, 23rd.
Although it was a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature, those modules were extremely difficult and time consuming.
Some modules involved one written and one exam, a variety of books (not articles!) to read and homework too: all this in order to get one single mark, which was the module official mark

-How did you feel?

I felt relieved. I also felt lost because I did not know what to do after that!
I felt happy, proud and alive.

– What was driving you?
I wanted to finish. I had had enough, I had a rough patch where I could not do exams as I was too scared. I wanted to prove Myself I was able to do it.

-What was your first thought in the Am and in the PM before bed?
It was: study! I woke up, had breakfast, studied, had lunch, studied, gone to the gyn, and recap of the day. I also lost weight!

-How did you set your goals?

I had a main goal, to graduate in june. I took it one step(module)at a time, maybe two.
Thsi way, I could “turn a page” each module I passed. It was relieving.
For example,
I started studying in September, completely focused on a Literature Module (13 books plus critics!!!).
As I had another exam in December before the holidays, in october I added the second module  to the literature one. One week before the exam in Novemebr,I would only cocnentrare on Literature. Once the exam was done, I took one day off and then concentrated on the exam I had in December.
I also had exams in January and February, then April then May.

I managed to pass one exam in November, one in December, 3 in January, 3 in February, 2 in April, 1 in May.
I graduated.
How I did it? I was simply committed and focused. Anything else was on hold. I anyway had a normal social life, I used to workout and also found time to go to a Spa.

-How did you feel through the journey?At the beginning? At the end? During your journey?
At the beginning I was..excited and thrilled.
During the journey I was tired but committed, focused and proud!
At the end..I felt.. UNIQUE!

-Did you achieve it?
I did, and it melted my heart!

-What did you learn?
That I can achieve anything I want to  achieve. That I can achieve all my goals.
That if I done it once, I can do it again and again.