The Promise

One of my favourite book by Debora Conti, an Italian NLP practitioner, Coach, Psychologist and author, “Giusto Peso per Sempre” has the best suggestion ever!

Debora suggests that, at the beginning of your very journey, you should take a bit of time and write a Promise to Yourself.
I found this very useful for any goal I set ( and achieved !) in the past.
So, for this new journey of mine, I wrote a new promise.

So.. let’s write the Promise to Yourself for the next 120 days!


Be Nice and Kind to yourself.
Only use positive language, be frank and fun, be emotional. Be YOU.


MY PROMISE 28.3.2020

I promise to myself to be true to myself, to listen to my body and my brain first, to take ten deep breaths each time I want to run to the fridge to fill a void.
I promise to myself that I will consistent and meticulous, and I will have fun in experimenting healthy food. I promise to myself I will have a free meal per week, and I won’t feel guilty for this.
I promise to my body to look at it 10 minutes a day, massaging my curves and nourishing my skin. I promise to my hair to be healthy and glowy, my eyes to be sharp, smart and kind, my lips to only say words of love. 
I promise to my organs to be healthy and be capable to run this amazing machine that my whole body is. I promise my brain I will nurture it, nourish it, cuddle it.
I promise to myself I will be consistent with exercise and I will make the most of these days off work to work on form and strength. 
I promise to myself I will dance more.

I promise to myself: I am taking care of you.




Read your promise anytime you feel the need to, any time you need a boost of positivity and inspiration. Be your own mentor.

Feel free to add to your promise, but not to delete off it.
And  always put the date!



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me