Initial Data

Don’t forget to read the General Instructions before Starting!

Summing up, you will need:
-A Notebook, A Pen and some pencils or Highlighters.
-A Scale and Measuring Tape and take your Measurements on Day 1
-A realistic picture of the desired body with your face photoshopped.

  • Page 1 of your notebook: put the picture of your desired body
  • Page 2: Write Down your Measurements.
    If you google printable measurement chart you will find many ideas on how to set your page. Check Pinterest too. Make sure you make a colorful,fun page that has to be pleasant to your eyes and soul.

    Jump on the scale first thing in the morning and note down your weight in Kgs or LBS. Note down the weight.Take your measurements: Once a month I take chest, waist (umbilical cord), hips, left and right thing, left and right calf, left and right arm. On a weekly basis, I only check the WAIST.

    There are plenty of free online resources you could use to learn to  take your own measures

    How to take Measurements
    How to take Measurements by NerdFitness


NOW Close Your notebook

Put on some relaxing music and close your eyes, do some stretching, drink a tea, put on a face mask  and meditate .

When ready, at your own pace, take your notebook back.
Open the very first page, admire the picture you have carefully chosen.
Close your eyes, and feel it with all your senses. Feel your body, you healthy organs, your amazing skin, your beautiful eyes and hair.
See what you see, hear what you hear.
Where are you ? How do you feel with your new, healthier body? How was the journey and how is your life NOW?

Open your eyes, make sure you remember that 120 days are a very short period of time compared to a lifetime, and you can make the difference only in the PRESENT.
These 120 DAYs are your present. So act, behave, laugh, cry, exercise,eat and explore.

You can go back to this exercise daily, it will help you focusing on your goal.

Look at the measurements you have taken today, turn the page and set your Outcome.



Now, Time to set your Outcome!!



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me