General Instructions…

Hey Everyone!
These are only ideas I came up with, I have been blogging and journaling for a very long time now and I would definitely recommend the below list as tricks to help yourself starting! They definitely helped me and still help to get on Track.
Moreover., o not forget that the 120 DAY Blast for me started YESTERDAY 28.3.2020 and I am sharing this journey with you!


—-> Why 120 days?

If it takes 21 days to create a new habit, just imagine what 120 days could do!
In the past I followed Debora Conti‘s “Diario dei 120 giorni” and I found it useful. in 120 days, 4 month, I could really see a difference within myself: aesthetically, yes, but also in terms of commitment and consistency.



-At the very beginning of this journey that will last 120 days ( or 4 Months), taking measurements and weighing in is the very first step to take. Note them down, do not forget to put the date. That is your day 1/120

Buying a  new fancy notebook would also be helpful.  If you do not have the money, do not worry, there are very cheap notebook available at local stores. What’s important is what’s inside!  I will post more about this in due course. You do not have to buy stickers, you can print them or draw them yourself. This is your journey, that is your diary, you can make it what you want it to be!

-Always take your measurements first thing in the morning, after the first Pee and Poop. This rule applies to the very first ONE-to-ONE with scale&measuring tape as well as the very last one.

I know this might sound gross, but getting rid of the extra 200 gr could help your self-esteem.
On the other hand, when you follow a diet and you have to weight in food, you cut off all the waste (chicken fat, vegetables hard or rotten parts). Well,try and do the same!
Do not worry if you do not poop first thing in the morning, this is just something that I am able to do now that I am 36 years old, since I had been chronically constipated for years (read here for further info!)


-Devote one page of your notebook  to your measurements, the turn it and forget about those data for at least a week.

Find a picture that represents the body image you want to achieve: be realistic so if you body shape is “pear”, like mine, you would never look like Charlize Therone because you have something called BONES in your hips area that give you a different shape.
If you are a PhotoShopPRO, you can photoshop your face onto that body, then print it ojn glossy paper: attach this on the very first page of your notebook. If you are not a Pro (I AM NOT!) ask a friend you trust to do it for you or, just cut and glue it on top!

Keep in mind that a slim body is NOT achievable if you starve yourself: in order to lose weight, to be healthy, to boost your immune system and stay in good mental and physical form, you have to eat good quality food in the right quantities.
The only person that can help you with a diet is a Nutritionist, or a Doctor Specialised in nutrition.

Exercise! I would recommend you to save money and invest on one or two face to face/online session with a great Personal Trainer. If you can’t afford it, have a chat with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise; you do not want to start a DVD or download an APP and then break your ankle. Trust me, you do not want that. You want to be healthy, be consistent, get stronger and leaner.

Set yourself a Daily Routine and follow it through. Put alarms on your phones, one each activity, and respect the pact you made to yourself: be consistent.
Alarm one: every 40 min: drink water
Alarm two: h 6 PM Workout
Alarm three (once a week): get yourself a facial
and so on…

 – Be creative in the Kitchen: buy yourself a CookBook or look online for healthy recipes.

Avoid sugary, fizzy drinks, smoothies and juices: Grab an orange or an apple and go on with your life, you are too busy to pretend to be healthy only because you drink green shit through a rose gold straw*. This might help

Drink plenty of water, around 2 litres a day. If you fancy, drink one or 2 cups of tea; I prefer Green, Sencha  or an easy to make Lemon and Ginger Infusion  made out of hot water, grated fresh ginger and a squeeze of lemon.
Try to avoid coffee, 200 mg a day of caffeine are more than enough (1 americano, that is it).
I am  Italian so I have one coffee in the AM and one after lunch, as no blood runs through my veins but coffee (and pizza).




And now.. grab your Notebook and your Pen.



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me


*no unicorns have been killed for this. Rose Gold is also my favourite colour.