Prologue- the reasons why

I had it all planned.

I was losing weight, I was getting ready to fly to Thailand on March 25th and celebrate my partner’s birthday going to the Similan Islands.
Once back in April, we would have waited a few months just to avoid Zika effects (you never know if a mosquito bites you!) and then, from September, we would have started trying to get pregnant.

Then, the CovId-19 happened, the world stopped, and here we are, standing by.
it goes without saying that  we could have all the sex in the world and try to conceive, but it would be extremely irresponsible of us .

Leo Varadkar confirmed yesterday stricter measures, I would call it LockDown although measures here are not as tough as in Italy or Spain.

I was put on Lay Off, which means that the government is paying 350 euro per week up until end of May (to be reviewed) to stay home and keep my job position. I could not be more grateful for this!

The first two weeks home, I was lost. Not having my usual routine, wake up-work-home-lazying around-exercising-dinner-bed I felt in a sort of limbo.
I stopped following the diet and I started baking: bread, focaccia, pizza. I started baking biscuits and making pasta like my grandma used to do and trust me, it ain’t easy at all. I did not stop working out, not completely, but having plenty of time ahead of me I decided to start again.

So From today, 28 March 2020, until 27 July 2020, my only focus will be my family and my own health and wellbeing.

We are self isolating with minimal contact with anyone ( we only go grocery twice a week if necessary).
I will be working remotely for 3 hours a day and the rest of the day is for me. I have 2 choices: spending my day on Netflix or scheduling a day-to-day routine for the next few months. Situations may change, I might have to go back to work earlier than end of July but sincerely, I do not think this is going to happen.

So here are my REASONS WHY I am back, and WHY I will write here weekly to update you!