when life gives you a lemon.. Avoid Zika virus and do not get pregnant!

Well, there’s no such a bad thing but ignorance! Oh ignorance, you will destroy us!

We are thinking about having a baby. I am almost 37 and he is 30.
I said: let’s wait summer until we can try to conceive.
He said : no, let’s do it while in Thailand!

That would have been lovely, but the risk of Zika Virus is too high.
I did some research:

  • if you are pregnant, avoid traveling to Zika infested countries
  • if you are trying to conceive, do not get pregnant until at least 3 months after you are back, if you are a woman. If you are a man, use condom for up to six months after you travel to Zika Infested zones because your semen can actually transmit the disease.
  • If you have zika-alike symptoms, you can run some blood tests up to 7 days AFTER experiencing the first symptoms. So you would know if you got the Zika or not and if you can conceive.
  • Some people do not show symptoms of Zika virus although they have contracted the virus!
  • If one of the two of us got Zika and 100% sure, has to use protection during sex and avoid for about 6 months anyway

My initial thought was: let’s wait until august, he was adamant to try during the holidays but then..well, now!
We will have to wait way after our holidays.

I  got discouraged.
Should I take the risk ?Should I conceive BEFORE going on holiday ? (WTF!)

No. I am already 36 years old and the chances to conceive an unhealthy baby are already quite high. Do not get me wrong, pregnancy is a blessing and most women can get pregnant;to be frank., I am not even sure I will get pregnant..but this is the reality and there’s no space for naivety here.
We are a young(-ish) couple of immigrants with no family support as our families leave abroad. I would not have grandparents picking the kids  from school, or bringing them to the doctor or staying home with them when they get sick. We will have to deal with that by ourselves.W
e will both need to work, although we have good jobs and our salaries together are good, we will be alone. So no, taking a risk is a NO.

All considering, we have decided  to wait until October before trying.
I have 8 more months to lose weight, take care of myself inside and out and create a healthy environment for a new creature, nature’s will.
More months to save money, to clean clutter, to organize ourselves and affirm our career positions before welcoming our baby into this world (considering all going well).


What are your thoughts?